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On arrival at the session, you will be provided with a cold beer, an apron and welcomed by our Chefs who will outline expected competencies from the session, discuss the format of the day and introduce the menu which includes:

On arrival
Turkish Bread with Pukara Balsamic and Oils

BBQ Starter
Patak’s Korma BBQ King Prawn Skewers with Toasted Coconut and Lime

BBQ Entrée
BBQ Spiced Crusted Squid Salad

BBQ Main
BBQ Whole Roasted Spiced Snapper
Crispy-Skinned Salmon Fillet with Wilted Greens, Ginger and Sesame

In our BBQ Seafood lesson, we look at how and why we want to achieve really moist and crisp seafood, including key buying tips to ensure you are purchasing and receiving exactly what you set out to; the freshest possible product to create a dish that makes your guests cheer.

We then get straight in to demonstrating the BBQ King Prawn recipe where you will replicate the dish demonstrated by the Chef and prepare and cook the dish yourself before sitting down together as group to share in the first dish with a detailed wine tutorial matched to the first course.

We then embark on the next courses covering all parts of BBQ myths and secrets as well as a demonstration on the remaining three dishes before being given the tongs and lifters to re-create your recipes yourself.

Throughout this segment the Chefs will guide you through cooking each dish as well as answering any questions or challenges you face at home with your own BBQ or certain seafood recipes!

Average Duration: 3 hours

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Sun, 23 Jul 2017

Morning Start
11:30am Session

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