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Gain an understanding of the 4 main BBQ regions of the United States and the differences between them. Gain confidence to use charcoal/wood in smoking/cooking meats. Learn about the “low and slow” method of BBQ. Unlock the secrets of amazing dry rubs and sauces. Learn how to produce mouth-watering, juicy, tender, fall apart delicious meats every time you use your BBQ.

On Arrival:
Toasted Turkish Bread with Pukara Estate Oils and Balsamic
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
Uncle E-Rock’s 20 Flavours K.C., MO Baby Back Ribs with Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce
Memphis Style Pulled Pork with Memphis Mop Sauce and Cabbage and Apple Slaw
Texas Style Low and Slow Cape Grim Brisket
Smoked Corn with Jalapeno and Lime Butter
Spicy Cinnamon & Chilli Chocolate Brownie

Average Duration: 3 Hours

About Hunter Valley - Potter's Brewery

Potters Hotel Brewery is as famous as it is fabulous for its great atmosphere and great beer!

Located in the heart of Wine Country, Potters offers a casual place to rest from the activities of the region, to sit and enjoy some great food and drinks.

430 Wine Country Drive,
Hunter Valley , NSW 2325


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Sat, 28 Oct 2017

Morning Start
11:30am Session

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